Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Categorization of Geocodes (The Story of Locapoint: 6)

In previous posts, I introduced many Geocodes. Although there are many Geocodes, they can be categorized into three types. Every Geocode is belonging to one of them, or combination of them.

1. Mesh-Code Type
Subsequently divide target area into small area, and use mesh id number as a code. Mapcode of Denso is a good example.

2. Encoded type
Use the value of geographic parameters (latitude/longitude, or XYZ, etc) and encode them by specific algorism. Sony’s patent is a good example.

3. Database Type
Store a part or whole of location data into database, and use the key to identify its data as a code.
For example, Navigation-code(by Aishin A.W.) is replace degree part with city name. When decode, use city name to get degree data, and restore location data.

Each type havs following merit and demerit.

  Mesh-Code type Encoded type Database type
Short display digit Poor Good Good
readability Good Poor Good
maintainability Good Good Poor

I select “Encoded type” as a base of Locapoint. So my task is to improve readability.